Installing a Cloud RegionΒΆ

Building a Region involves the following steps:

  1. deploy MAAS/Juju/OpenStack on the group of servers and storage units that will form the region.

  2. add a Keystone endpoint for the region. The URL should be that of the Keystone endpoint in the master region. Even better: force a Keystone replica to a region node.

  3. assign Availability Zones to the compute nodes. Create domains with quotas set to given Availability Zones and Volumes?

Each region has its own installation of MAAS/Juju/OpenStack: they share a single Keystone. Users interact through Horizon or the Keystone API, requesting services according to their credentials. A user can be enabled for example to access both Availability Zone 1 and Availability Zone 3, according to the projects to which he is associated. Hence he can ask to start instances on either of those zones.

Volumes are provided through separate Ceph/Cinder on each region: hence volumes can be created on them and associated to an instance.

Furhter reading: OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide.

The installation steps are described below: