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GARR Cloud Platform

The GARR Cloud Platform offers cloud services to the Italian academic and research community. GARR coordinates a federation of clouds, located in national datacenters owned by members of the GARR community, which participate to the federation by sharing resources and services.

The GARR cloud allows creating and managing Virtual Machines (IaaS) as well as deploying cloud applications (DaaS).

Virtual Machines

The GARR Cloud delivers virtual machines running in the data centers of the GARR Federated Cloud connected through the GARR high speed fiber network. The GARR Cloud provides tools for self provisoning computing resources and deploying applications and services, enabling scaling from single instances to clusters of integrated and load-balanced cloud computing.

See Cloud Compute for additional details.


Cloud Apps

Set up and launch applications and services on the cloud platform, by self-provisioning, i.e. without having to deal directly with the VMs dedicated to the services.

  • Applications

  • Services

See Cloud Services for additional details.

Virtual Datacenter

A Virtual Datacenter consists of a set of virtual resources (vCPUs, memory, storage, networking) assigned to an administrator, who can manage them by creating VMs and deploying services to them. The administrator can also create projects and users and enable them to use the resources in a project.

See Virtual Datacenter for additional details.


Watch this video for a quick introduction to these concepts.