Persistent Volumes

Claiming Volumes

Here is how to claim RBD volumes for use within a deployment.

  1. Create a file claim.json spevifying the volume name and size:

      "kind": "PersistentVolumeClaim",
      "apiVersion": "v1",
      "metadata": {
         "name": "myvol"
      "spec": {
          "accessModes": [
          "resources": {
              "requests": {
                 "storage": "4Gi"
          "storageClassName": "hdd"

    Note the StorageClassName parameter which for our platform is “hdd”.

  1. Execute the command:

    $ kubectl create -f claim.json
  2. Check that the 4GB volume “myvol” has been created:

    $ kubectl get pvc
    NAME       STATUS    VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
    myvol      Bound     pvc-81c512af-91a9-11e8-b43d-74e6e266c8e1   4Gi        RWO            slow           17s

Deleting a Volume

Use this to delete a volume:

$ kubectl delete pvc myvol
persistentvolumeclaim "myvol" deleted