Dashboard Access

You can access a Kubernetes dashboard for controlling your cluster through a GUI at theURL:


To log in to the dashboard you need to authenticate. Follow this procedure:

  1. List your secrets:

    $ kubectl get secrets
    NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
    default-token-g98dg   kubernetes.io/service-account-token   3         1d
  2. Obtain the token for the secret named default-token-xxxx (in this example default-token-g98dg):

    $ kubectl describe secret default-token-g98dg
    Name:         default-token-g98dg
    Namespace:    USER_NAME
    Labels:       <none>
    Annotations:  kubernetes.io/service-account.name=default
    Type:  kubernetes.io/service-account-token
    ca.crt:     1167 bytes
    namespace:  5 bytes
    token:      AAAABBBBBCCCCCCDDDDD....
  3. Open the dashboard and select the Token method (see figure).

  4. Enter the token and press SIGN IN.

  5. You will land in the default namespace where you don’t have permissions, so you will get error messages like these:

  6. Click on default below Namespace on the left panel and enter the namespace that has been assigned to you on registration. You will now be able to see your deployments! (see figure).