Deployment as a Service

The Deployment as a Service (DaaS) allows you to deploy Juju applications on the GARR Computing Cloud Platform.

Follow these steps to obtain credentials for accessing the service:

  1. Register to the GARR Cloud;
  2. Send an email to asking for DaaS credentials;

The reply from cloud-support will report a $REGISTRATION string that you will use as described below.

Using the Juju CLI

You can use Juju through a CLI by installing a Juju client on your computer (see these instructions).

Issue this command to add the details of the Juju controller to your local system:

$ juju register $REGISTRATION

You will be asked to set a new password and to choose a “friendly” name for the controller.

Read more on how to deploy Juju apps using the CLI.

Using Models

Now get the list of the available models by typing:

$ juju models

The current model is highlighted in green. To switch to a different model do:

$ juju switch $ANOTHER_MODEL

We suggest you to add a personal ssh key pair that will allow you to log in to the machines deployed by Juju. Type this command:

$ juju add-ssh-key "$MY_PUBLIC_KEY"

where $MY_PUBLIC_KEY is your personal public key.

Using the Juju GUI

Each region of the GARR Cloud hosts its own DaaS. Select the Juju GUI URL that corresponds to the GARR Cloud region you are enabled to use:

Go to the DaaS GUI


The Juju GUI does not work on some browsers (e.g. Safari). Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, which work properly.

Deploying Applications

You are now ready to deploy your applications from among the hundreds available on the Juju charm store!